DMAA vs DMHA (Best Pre-Workout Stimulant 2020)

Hello Friends! Today I wanted to share my thoughts on DMHA vs DMAA, 2 highly effective, common Pre-workout ingredients.. have you tried either of these ingredients?




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8 thoughts on “DMAA vs DMHA (Best Pre-Workout Stimulant 2020)”

  1. Great video! Glad to finally see one that’s recent. I take Kraken (the original formula) with DMHA and feel it could have a bit more of a kick to it. I too like DMHA more than DMAA for the added euphoria feeling.

  2. My husband took a preworkout with 200 mg dmha and 50 mg dmaa. He said & I quote “Felt like an Egyptian god after 3 scoops. Mummified myself on the bench and ripped some +300LBS benchpress like it was nothing. Can’t remember my name but it was worth it!”

    He was so focused that day

  3. Thanks for the update on Dmaa and Dmha. I have a few pre-workouts with Dmha i think it comes and Eria jerensis or Julgans Regia Extract as company tend not to use Dmaa or Dhma on their ingredient list i could be wrong though.

    Olympus Labs Reign is what I am currently on great pre-workout and it also come with the Vaso 6 which gives an excellent pump.

    Just as you mentioned they have been getting banned and companies have started changing thier old formulations. Will check out the ones on your video soon.

    How was the face cupping did you feel a difference after word's?.

    Thank you.

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