DIY Gummy Bear Weight Loss Supplements #otw | Review Demo

DIY Gummy Bear Weight Loss Supplement Teddy Bear Demo

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To get in shape by eating gummy bears you have to make your own! In this video I show you how I made my pre-workout drink into gummy bears. Gummy bear molds are also great for making your BCAAs into candies too. This way you make taking your supplements more varied and more fun. These supplement gummy bears feel like a cheat meal. 😉

I used 3/4 cup of heated water to dissolve 4 packets of gelatin (by stirring with a spoon and whisk) along with two servings of my favorite mango flavored pre-workout supplement beverage.

After 20 minutes of setting in the refrigerator the gummy bears become solid and ready to be devoured!

Meal prepping diet supplements into candy makes supplements more portable than carrying around shakers.

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