Come With Me To Get Braces & Palate Expander!! | I CRIED!!

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Hey Everyone, so I’ve always wanted to get braces and I finally got them so I decided to bring you all on the journey with me! 🙂 As you may or may not know… i have a lot of anxiety which lead to panic attacks.. and when they put the expander in I broke down. Not because of pain (it was far from painful) but because I couldn’t swallow… It was VERY SCARY for me.. I almost started losing my breath.. It continued for the entire day/night. I feel a lot better now and my anxiety has gone down. I stil have trouble talking but that will get better with time. THANK YOU to all my snap fam for comforting me, I appreciate ya! ANYWAYS, JOURNEY TO STRAIGHT TEETH 🙂

Type of Braces: Damon Clear Braces
Appliance @ Roof of Mouth: Palatal Expander
Bottom Braces: Will be put on after I get used to the expander.
Treatment Plan: 16 months

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38 thoughts on “Come With Me To Get Braces & Palate Expander!! | I CRIED!!”

  1. I'm getting braces in a few weeks and I'm so scared because I'm getting a palate expander… I don't want to end up crying and embarrassing myself. any tips for the expander? much appreciated for tips

  2. For anyone that is getting an expander here is a friendly tip:
    1) it 100% GETS BETTER WITH TIME
    2) tilt your head back when you swallow when you first get an expander it helps ALOT
    3) If anything on your expander is poking you, get wax and cover that spot!

  3. I got my braces about five months ago. I got my expander today and it HURT to put in so bad! Not only that, but the dentists decided to put on a POWERCHAIN and a rubber band on my braces. I cried for a solid 30 minutes. Not to mention that I'm only 13… I was so overwhelmed with that situation that, I too, broke down in the dentist's office.

  4. I'm getting an expander on the 23rd August and I believe the braces too. I didn't know that you could get them both in one visit 😂. I hope it goes well. I have had my spacers in for about 5 days. My teeth hurt when I brush but only at night is when the pain kicks in 😫. I will try to update. Please suggest what colours I should get for my braces and different combos of colours thanks 😂😂wish me luck!!

  5. I am getting my expander soon… and swallowing was one of my biggest worries… now im super scared that i wont be able to swallow and its going to be like torture😢😣😞😐😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓😓

  6. I got my expander and braces today too, I can’t swallow and I cried lol it hurts and my tongue has blisters from it. I can’t chew food or even have yogurt cos I can’t swallow so I rlly don’t know what to do

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