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42 thoughts on “Chit Chat | Make-up | Bolzano Bags | Travel | Mature Beauty | Sixty Plus”

  1. Love your Raquel hair! It looks so good on you!!! I never heard of that bag subscription, but it sounds really neat. Those Sigma brushes are super nice. So glad you are receiving PR packages that you can try out for all of us. Thanks for your candor. Hair is a challenged for me too. I don't think it will ever end. . . crazy in a bad way. I sooo remember blue mascara. I was never a an because my ever are brown, but I can imagine it looks really good on you. Love your earrings!! Blessings, Melanie

  2. Hey Monika,
    I have tried a similar product from Clarirol, came with a brush and great mirror. I picked it up at Ulta, but also available
    at Walmart. I have medium brown. Love the product and it stays until washed out…dab and go Girl!
    ConB, Jersey Shore Girl 💋

  3. You look so pretty, Monika. I love Sigma brushes. The E 45 is my absolute favorite. It is really an amazing brush for the crease. I love that wig on you! It's so cute on you. I love YSL mascara. This was just terrific. Lots of love, Melissa

  4. Hi Beautiful Monika! I love you in that wig! So pretty. Those earrings are so pretty. That bag is so cool. I'm happy you had a great trip and you got home safely. You're almost to 9k Subs! How exciting! Big hugs!

  5. I watch Taz every now and then. I like the wig you have on. It looks great on you. I really need to see about getting a wig or 2. My hair is so thin, you can see my scalp. My grandmothers both had that problem, but my mother still has thick hair at 82 years old! I got moved into my apartment Saturday and I'm still trying to get things in order, but it's really nice to be here. And my dog is happy too! lol She's my big baby. Hope you have a wonderful week. xoxoxo 💖💖💖

  6. I have to tell you Monika, yes that lipstick makes your lips look fuller and the color suites your complection beautifully 😚 good luck getting to your subscribers goal…how exciting! *big hugs*🤗💖

  7. Hi Monika. You look so pretty and beautiful lip color. The “fanny pack”
    looks really cool and the gloves! Nice! I always love seeing your PR. Lucky girl! I’m just a little jealous. Have a wonderful week my friend. ❤️✌🏻😘 Linda

  8. Your lipstick looks beautiful on you, Monika. It's so much fun watching someone talk about things they love. About three years I bought the blonde, and the light brown Color Wow, and still have plenty left. I like to make streaks in my hair to cover the gray. Hope you hit 9K soon.
    Blessings, and love..MaryEllen

  9. I just love the wig…you look adorable in all your wigs…and from the beginning of the video I was thinking, wow I love her lip,color…,glad you got it because it looks really pretty…thanks for sharing, and will look for the trash
    Video coming ya xoxo

  10. Great content Monika~! How do you do this! The Sigma brushes just make me swoon. I have just started using their brushes for my shadow and what a huge difference. I have 3 Becca lipsticks and I love them…I don't have your ORCHID but it looks beautiful on you. I think as we get older more intense shades look very beautiful…especially when we are backing away from heavy eye makeup. A bold lip just has such a dreamy look! Ok…fire and chat and a bunch of our YT friends…I will bring my guitar and we can sing every song we remember from your youth! xxxoo happy new week! Sues

  11. I love Taz, she is beautiful. I love the lipstick on you and the wig looks very stunning. I love your beautiful personality. I follow you on IG too.. I watched your morning IS's.. oh yeah where did you get your earrings? I love them! They look so nice on you… I want to try some of the wigs, but I'm allergic to synthetic hair. I'm so happy you're getting to know Taz. She's is beautiful inside and out, but so are you.. 💞💞💞

  12. Hi Monika, I love the lipstick color. I have never tried a Becca lipstick. I will have to try one. So excited to see your new hair. I love Taz. You are so right about her. I keep thinking about getting a wig or a topper. My hair is thinning as I get older. You just look radiant. I hope you have a wonderful week. 💕

  13. Oh I remember the blue mascara! It was Maybelline, called Midnight Blue. I'm turning 65 this year, and it seems like yesterday. You look adorable, as usual sweet Monika! Thank you for sharing all your goodies with us! Hope you and Jay have a great week…❤

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