Causes of underweight and physical symptoms of being underweight in Healthy Life

Causes of underweight and physical symptoms of being underweight in Healthy Life

It may not be related to the age only. Anybody can be lean. He might be tendency to be lean from the beginning, not suddenly, that in late 20’s he has got leaner. First is Iron deficiency. If he has iron deficiency, then the person does not have appetite to eat. If he doesn’t eat, he cannot have muscles. So first we have to deal with his iron deficiency. So we have to improve his diet by taking iron rich foods like all the greens are rich in iron, and all the dark colored vegetables like brinjal beetroot, they are all rich in iron. All the fruits like dark colored fruits like black grapes and jamuns,they are rich in iron. So the person has to take all these foods. Dark coloured fruits and green coloured vegetables and fruits. He would also have to supplement his diet with iron supplements. Second thing is if the person has taken too much food and the person is still leaner, then he has to check 2 things, like if he has thyroid, a hyperthyroid where the metabolism is too fast, person may looses lots of weight. Second is absorption of B Vitamin deficiency, where the absorption does not take place. So in most of the cases, he or she may be getting leaner. So they have to check with the doctor for deficiencies like hyperthyroid tests, then it can be dealt with the deficiencies. Like for iron deficiencies, like increasing the iron in the persons diet, the appetite increases and if the person is having little more food everyday, weight gain of 2 kgs per month can be seen. If he or she is suffering from hyperthyroid, it has to be shown to a doctor and dealt with. If Vitamin B 12 deficiency is there, it can be dealt with the nutrition. So increase the diet with Vitamin B rich foods, or dietary supplements because nutritional content in all the foods is not sufficient now. Or he cannot take lots of fruits and vegetables. Only the choice is like more curd, more cheese, more pomegranate, some other fruits. In his diet Vitamin B supplementation can correct the deficiency in a short period of time. So if all the deficiencies are corrected, he can gain 2 -3 kgs of stay healthy.

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