Beginners Routine & Tips To Grow A Bigger Chest For Gamers | The Growing Gamer

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28 thoughts on “Beginners Routine & Tips To Grow A Bigger Chest For Gamers | The Growing Gamer”

  1. you should make video for the actual dedicated beginners about diet sleep and proper programming which is all it took me to go from 105 to 250 on the bench. I'm lucky to have found a David Laid video on it

  2. Thanks for spreading the knowledge bro! I’ve been at the gym for a two years but only started to train and eat correctly a few months ago. Your videos are really speeding up my gains and helping me keep motivated on that grind! Thanks alot brotha and keep spreading your knowledge!

  3. Personally for me this is the best fitness channel on Youtube. I only discovered you last month and thank god for that because my squats, deadlifts and bench have all improved a lot. I also used your videos to help my girl with her lifting. I'm starting my pre-season training for Rugby in July and your athletics training videos will help a LOT (you should try Rugby) as someone that's into fitness, gaming and anime this channel has been a gold find. Keep up the good work bro, will do my bit to support and help you grow. Love from England!

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