AMAZON ESSENTIALS ~ Everything I Buy for my Keto Lifestyle ~ Women Over 50++

Good Morning and Welcome to Wakeup Wednesdays with Sharon and Nathalie.

Today I will be bringing you the items that I purchase from Amazon on a regular basis to maintain my Keto lifestyle. Hope you enjoy!

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Keto & Koffee with Marjorie

I have compiled a list of my favorite skincare and fashion on an Amazon Page – BeautyDiva Favorites:


Sweet & Savory Fat Bombs Cookbook

The Complete Ketogenic Diet for Beginners

Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Dr. Atkins Carb Counter

Premium Collagen Peptides Powder

Great Lakes Collagen Peptides Powder

Bone Broth Protein – Chocolate Flavor

Nutiva MCT Oil

Icelandic Gold Cod Liver Oil

GNC Ultra Mega-Green Superfoods

Brewer’s Yeast

Mega-Mag Liquid Trace Minerals

Natural Calm Plus Calcium

Stevia Liquid – Lemon and Hazelnut
Hazelnut –
Lemon –

Nurse Hatty Ketone Test Strips

Matilda the Mannequin’s Outfit

Crisp White Shirt that Matilda is wearing

Necknot Scarves
15% of with the Discount Code: THEBEAUTYDIVA

Email me at
Twitter @thebeautydiva01



Skin Deva 20% Argireline with HA Matrixyl 3000 Serum (Botox in a Bottle)
I also use their Hyaluronic Acid and their Matrixyl 3000 Serums
10% Discount use coupon code: thebeautydiva15

If you are looking for medical grade Retin-A and/or medical grade eyelash growth serum (Careprost). Check out Kaysa Skincare’s website. She was kind enough to provide a 15% Discount Code which is:


Another fabulous site for Medical Grade Skincare, including Retin A, Careprost and Human Growth Factor Serums is Okdermo. They were kind enough to provide me with a 15% discount code.
OkDermo Medical Grade Skincare
15% Discount Code – TheBeautyDiva

Washi Hot Cloth & Polishing Cloth – 20% Discount Code – Nathalie

Gerlinde Naturals Vegan Skin Care – handmade on order in Great Britain
FREE Worldwide Shipping with discount code “FreeshippingNTBD” (unlimited use, *minimum order £15.- to qualify)


Want to know how I do my infamous up-do? Here’s a video showing you how I put my hair up.


(women over 45)




28 thoughts on “AMAZON ESSENTIALS ~ Everything I Buy for my Keto Lifestyle ~ Women Over 50++”

  1. LOL, Little Oliver was saying " don't forget me!!" I know many of you are on the Keto diet, and glad that it is working out for you too. Myself I have to say the word diet, seems to not work , but I enjoy my food to much LOL Perhaps I will find something one day to fit into my balance, as certain things I know I couldn't give up, and some I am willing. Hope you have a good day!!! Love to you xoxo <3

  2. Hi Nathalie,
    Wow, where to begin? You knocked it out of the park with all these wonderful products! I definitely need to re-watch and take notes. So many great suggestions my beautiful friend!
    💕😚💕 Alli

  3. Hi Nathalie you are so disciplined! I wish I could be that way with my supplements. I take them for awhile then fall off. By the way you look fabulous in your white v neck sweater xo You have given us so many options to keep us looking and feeling great. I like the idea of the chocolate flavoured bone broth. Thank you beautiful have a wonderful day, love and hugs xxoo

  4. Hey sweet Nathalie … You look absolutely amazing and so radiant! I really would like to order the bone broth especially since it’s chocolate! I remember that Atkins book. When I was in high school my dad had a copy and I went on low-carb and used the book so I would know the number of carbs. It is a book you just keep for the rest of your life! Dr. Adkins was a genius! Love you… Laura❤️

  5. hey pretty lady, some great recommendations there, I went to my local library yesterday to see if I could get any books on keto and can you believe they didn't even have one! I have tried making bullet proof coffee and let's just say I'm a 'tad' addicted! 🙂 Most of the other products you recommended are so expensive on Amazon UK, such a shame as I'd love to try, anyway, looking beautiful as always, love you my sweet friend, hugs, Susan xoxo

  6. Hi Nathalie! Thanks for sharing all your supplements from Amazon. I'm supposed to be taking cod liver oil and I just can't stand the taste, so maybe I'll try your brand. Have a lovely evening, my beautiful diva! Love you… xoxo Cheryl

  7. Good Evening Nathalie, Amazon Prime and I are attached at the hip! If I need it, they have it. Your list of Keto books and products is interesting. Once you reach your desired weight level, will you still continue with this method of eating? Just curious. Love you and wish the best for you always. ❤️. Sandra

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