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Helloooooo babes!! Todays video is regarding my new smile, porcelain veneers experience, veneer pain, veneer cost, veneer aftercare, etc.Thanks for all the sweet comments so far on my new smile, truly appreciated how supportive you guys are & how comfortable you make me feel for sharing my experience. (:

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23 thoughts on “All about my NEW SMILE: My Porcelain Veneers Experience | Southland Dental Sherman Oaks”

  1. Girl I got veneers last year and it was the BEST thing I've ever done. I went back every 4 weeks because my step dad would bring me and he works off shore and we worked around his schedule. When I saw the final results I actually cried because I was so happy. I hated my teeth they where crooked not white. They where basically not what I wanted and i would always smile with my mouth closed. Now I smile with my mouth open and have a lot more confidence. Even though one then has a chip but I rock that chip.

  2. You are very beautiful, and your teeth are AMAZING! I want to get veneers for years, but was never able to do it. I hope i will
    get it this year. Thank you very much for taking the time to explain everything.

  3. Wow JC they look amazing! I definitely have wanted veneers for years! lol that rhymed ;o) I've got skillz….ok question…do you notice at all that they aren't your real teeth? A dental assistant who had them done said that was the only thing she noticed. I'm still going to get them…my teeth are Ratchet! lmao

  4. Her teeth where fine it was stained she could of done whitening zoom one , I got one veneer and I regret it so bad I was about to do all of them they shaved my teeth and it’s way to white then my other teeth , if your teeth are fine just find the best whitening treatment , so not worth it u can’t eat in peace thinking what if one falls out

  5. Thank you for your honesty and completely informative about the entire procedure. I am looking into getting my teeth fixed. I had an accident at work in 2008. Back then medication was totally different from what we know now. The drs has me on so much medication that it completely destroyed me teeth bc of dry mouth. I have been totally embarrassed and was wondering how the entire procedure went. I have watched other people talk about it but it is hard to find people that are completely honest like u. My teeth is the reason why I hide from social media and won’t set up accounts bc I am not completely happy with my smile. Keep being you bc people like me really appreciate it! Have a Merry Christmas in your new house w Christian and Sady. Wish you all the best and may $1 million plus manifest into 2019. Love u and your content! Keep up the great work!!

  6. Omg several thousand dollars for an implant? I was told that I need one, for my front right tooth… I was in a car accident where it caused some drama to my teeth, then I was in a very abusive marriage, and he hit me several times on different occasions, which caused a fracture to my tooth, which has caused it to discolor some over time… anyway I had a root canal done which was what I was told I needed UGH 😑 WRONG anyway long story short I need to get an implant done and idk, I’m scared but ever since the root canal my tooth has not stopped hurting, it’s bareable but very annoying and sometimes gets a bit more intense than other times, idk why I’m just afraid about it matching my other teeth…

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