ADULT BRACES vs. INVISALIGN – My Orthodontist Consultation

Even though I had braces for 2 years as a teenager, I stopped wearing my retainers years ago. Not only have my teeth moved so much, but my overbite is back, I am grinding my bottom teeth down to nothing, and I have headaches just because of my teeth problems.
I went to Defay Orthodontics in Kaysville, UT ( for a FREE consultation to see what options I had available.
I had no idea that Invisalign was such an affordable option (it was the same price as braces!) and that Dr. Defay actually uses Invisalign on 90% of his adult patients.
If you are interested in Invisalign, this video is from my consultation so that you know what to expect. For more information about my experience, you can read about it on our blog:


21 thoughts on “ADULT BRACES vs. INVISALIGN – My Orthodontist Consultation”

  1. How did your experience turn out?
    I'm on day 3 with my invisalign aligners.
    My orthodontist is great.
    The first 2 days I was miserable but it's day 3 and they actually feel better in my mouth.
    My issue is taking them out with the buttons on. Was that an issue for you? And did you ever lose any of your buttons?

  2. Main difference is that brackets are constant manual work of orthodontist, where invisalign progression is upfront pre-calculated until end of treatment. Which means, you must visit orthodontist every month to correct bracket position, where if you carry invisalign 22 hours you can visit once a year. However, invisalign is not suitable for vertical tooth movement.

  3. Having done traditional braces in the past, what caused you to choose invisalign this time around. I just had an ortho consult and they told me that it was my choice. Price and treatment time will be the same for either option. I'm just not sure with direction to go.

  4. I am a 60+ woman who has done the Invisalign option twice. First round brought some success, but second round brought total satisfaction! Two dentists, and a move to a different state. Good luck..

  5. Hi Camille! I just started my journey with Invisalign!! I've wanted braces for years but am just now able to get them. However being over 35, I did not (do not) want to wear traditional braces. It's been a month since I've ordered them and should receive my trays in about 2-3 more weeks. 😄

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