A Viewers Success Using Rubbing Out Technique

In this YouTube a viewer M, shares her success with using the Rubbing Out technique
Rubbing Out Technique Playlist

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13 thoughts on “A Viewers Success Using Rubbing Out Technique”

  1. Hi Agnes, Does this work for the group of people. Let's take a set of girls or a set of guys from the specific person. If we imagine them all and rub them all imagine one by one and also the rest left ones? Let's take ur sp is with so many guys (chatting, meetings, dating and online creating a lot of mess)Please advise

  2. There is a wonderful movie scene, out of the movie "Merlin" from 1998, where he uses the "rubbing out technique" to get ridd of Queen Mab. I don`t believe that the writers of the story knew about it, but it is soooooo true and amazing! The bad Queen, who seemed to be invincible, got conquered by "forgetting"! In the movie scene, Merlin and all the others turn around and show her their backs, then. She then disappeares …. wonderful. Here is the full movie. Check track 2:53:08 in the 1998 movie version of "Merlin" for the scene mentioned. ๐Ÿ™‚ There is a movie on youtube in full length, I just can`t put the link in here.

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