5 Weeks Out | Bikini Physique Update | First Time Posing

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37 thoughts on “5 Weeks Out | Bikini Physique Update | First Time Posing”

  1. you are looking fantastic love, keep pushing through! Your not shit at anything.  Just replace the negative with positive words in your vocabulary! It can help to talk in positive terms only, the law of attraction 🙂

  2. I've absolutely loved watching your bikini prep series. One thing I've learned is when I am dieting I need to focus more on diet rather than trying to absolutely kill the gym because I get so hungry I just physically cannot diet!! I started cutting and I'm doing 3 full body workouts and only 2 cardio sessions and 1 hiit and I've lost 3 pounds already in 2 weeks which is amazing for me. I usually go weeks without losing its so frustrating but less intense training and less frequently is definitely helping so thank you!! 🖒

  3. Lovely! I've started making the muffins with grated swedes and they actually taste really nice! Basically having 4 muffins every day ever since you posted the muffin video haha Just don't do it with courgettes, that doesn't work. Just goes a bit slushy…

  4. When I was dieting I didn't eat anything like cakes and crisps etc not even those diet protein things as I didn't want it to undo what I had been training for. Do you think it's ok to have these treats etc. Why is it you have them if your training for a comp. ? Look great btw

  5. Been loving watching this series! I'm also 5 weeks out but competing in Australia! With your side poses, try angling the elbow (of the back arm- the one that's on your hip) right to the front and then twisting your upper body more to face the front, this will give more of the 'S' shape they look for in a side pose! If it's super uncomfy, you're probs doing it right!!Hope that helps! xxxx

  6. Your killing it Lainey your videos are wonderful and enjoyable to watch honestly 🍑😘💗💋💪💕. Your going do well at your bikini competition Lainey your so pretty and cute 😘🍑💗💖💋💪👍♥.

  7. Tip for the shoes not sure if you are aware but you heat up the plastic with a hair dryer and then put them on with socks on to stretch the plastic a little so they don’t stab into your feet and it will make them so much more comfy!

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