5 Ways to BOOST Immune system | Herbal Medicine

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Elderberry Video: Uploading 04/17
Tea Video: Uploading 04/16


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26 thoughts on “5 Ways to BOOST Immune system | Herbal Medicine”

  1. Thank you!💜….My "Alkaline Heebal Medicine" book arrived yesterday, yay! Excited about this new journey at 48, never too late.🎉 I didn't see, but do you keep a thermometer in the pot to keep from overheating?

  2. I've seen the benefits of ACV for years now. I mix some ACV in my tea with honey and ginger. It works wonders for clearing the sinuses. Also to lose belly fat I used to drink Orange juice, ACV, turmeric and black pepper. Orange juice has calories, but for some reason it worked to reduce my abdominal fat.

  3. First of all I have the biggest girl crush on you! But secondly, can you make a video on the best herbs to balance female hormones/how to use them? I suffered a hormonal imbalance upon lowering my body fat percentage too much last year and since then my skin and sleeping patterns have not been the same!

  4. In your video you spoke of putting your video on Decoctions and infusions below but I don't see it.. I would like to know what herbs are better boiled and what are better infused… also what book is being used through the video for this information? I think maybe I'll buy the book

  5. You stated my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE QUOTE OF ALL TIMES in this video.. thank you sis 🙏🏾 I needed this video ..a lot of this info I’m familiar with already and live by ..but that quote confirmed for me I’m watching the right material for my spirits uplifting..def checking that book suggestion out ⚡️🙏🏾blessings to you

  6. Very unrelated but I have a question ! So I found your channel and fell INLOVE with the content you’re teaching from business to health it’s all what I’m here for and I look forward to your videos BUT ….. I would get this vibe like I was unsure about you like you’re mean … idk .. UNTIL I went back and watched these get to know me videos from 2017 and I’m like wow you were my age now ( I’m 24 ) and I loved this side of you like oh shit 🤭 that coulda been my bitch if I had a time Machine . But my question is : are you more mellow and serious and mean looking because of aging and maturity slightly adjusting your personality ( which you do age AMAZINGLY , like I kinda feel played with ) ooorrr is it because of the people watching and judging that you feel you gotta be more reserved ? I wanna know because ima get older too .. I wanna be prepared and Also want to start a channel and how you describe yourself in those 2017 get to know me videos is like me too like I wanna in the camera for opportunity and growth and business but at the same time I think the idea of hiding your name was Genius like I don’t want people to know me but at the same time I do .. does that make sense 🤔 . You should definitely do a more intimate setting again like you did before because I didn’t like you until I watched the old videos and now it’s love .

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