5 High-Calorie Ingredients, 1 Tasty Smoothie

Make this! Here are five high-calorie ingredients you can use for smoothies. Together, they make one of our favorite drinks: The PB&J shake. It’s vegan, is made without protein powder, and is absolutely delicious. Recipe here https://lifeisnoyoke.com/peanut-butter-jelly-smoothie/

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7 thoughts on “5 High-Calorie Ingredients, 1 Tasty Smoothie”

  1. After binge watching about 5 of your videos, I'm certainly convinced on getting one. I'm a vegan with a regular blender, bad idea. My cheap blender couldn't even blend 4 well cut frozen bananas this morning…and you should have seen the disaster last week when I tried making a beet juice blend! I'm probably going to get the A2300. Would you say there's a drastic difference between the A2300 and the A3300? I would primarily be using it for myself, occasionally making things for my girlfriend or my parents when they visit. Also, you have yourself a new sub.

  2. I have just discovered this amazing machine "VITAMIX" and i would like to purchase one as soon as possible,so,can you please clarify the purchase process for people outside of the United states "Note that I live in Algeria".

  3. I dont understand why people thumbs down something like this. I mean.. I realize Lenny isnt Larry King… but its not like he did a bad job.. and the info is good info. If you thumbs down because you feel the info is wrong.. then add a constructive comment and validate it.

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