3D Lipo Treatment For Cellulite | Chatty Get Ready With Me | Haircare Using Kevin Murphy

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41 thoughts on “3D Lipo Treatment For Cellulite | Chatty Get Ready With Me | Haircare Using Kevin Murphy”

  1. How tall are you?
    What is your body fat %?
    I have cellulite too !! 😡 no matter how hard I work and eat clean nothing makes it go away
    Can’t wait to see the results from your treatment
    Hope it works!!

  2. Your too hard on yourself. Your gorgeous and a great example of fitness, intelligence and motivation. I haven't been a subscriber for long but I'm learning a lot and enjoying my new routine. Thank you soooo much. 😊👍👍

  3. You at 36 look 26! I think your treatments are a great idea. It’s not about insecurity or not wanting to get older. Its about looking the best (and feeling the best) as we age.

  4. I love the candid get ready with me; you're so real during it. I'd love to see more like this! I've been following you for a good long while now and honestly your shoulders and hamstrings really look like they're coming in this week (for this prep). There's definitely a big difference in the back of your legs and a significant decrease in your cellulite from before. Of course, I think you've been beautiful and inspiring the whole time I've followed you but I get that you want to continue improving yourself so I figured I'd let you know that as an audience member I see the improvements you're working so hard for breaking through and that's something to celebrate. Congratulations! Your upcoming girl's weekend is 1000% earned.

  5. I totally get how you feel about your cellulite. I recently did something for myself to feel better about an insecurity, and I’m glad I did despite people telling me I didn’t need it lol I hope this treatment works out for you gorgeous! 🙂
    My younger brother is 18 and he’s going leeds festival for 4 days camping 😂 don’t know how they do it!

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