3 Diet Changes for One Punch Man Challenge 30 Days! What to eat to burn fats!

This video is all about the diet plan during the 30 days and beyond for the one punch man workout challenge I did.

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Importantly, it is not just about 30 days, but making changes that are sustainable.

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26 thoughts on “3 Diet Changes for One Punch Man Challenge 30 Days! What to eat to burn fats!”

  1. You mentioned black coffee for coffee lovers, however, black coffee doesn’t taste good to me, so what I like to do is mix the black coffee with a chocolate or vanilla protein powder, which tastes really good. Using chocolate protein powder with black coffee nearly tastes like a dark chocolate mocha, I don’t add anything to it to sweeten it or a creamer just the protein powder at the rate the instructions say. It really really tastes good

  2. This is essentially a ketogenic approach to a healthier diet. I've had great results in the past with keto, I'm hoping to add the One Punch Man training to healthier eating and hopefully see more results. Thanks for your vids!

  3. 1. Eat more protein to help build muscles.
    2. Eat more greens.
    3. Reduce sugar to as low as possible.
    4. Reduce if not straight eliminate fried food from your diet
    5. Dont even get close to junk food and soda.
    6. DRINK. A LOT. OF WATER(2-3l should be enough)

  4. I wanna do the challenge but I can't cut carbs, I mean, if I do that what would I ate?I eat a lot of rice, I think that is impossible.Also, I'm skinny and I wanna have muscles, I'm scared that if I do the challenge I'm gonna lose weight.

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