20 minute FULL BODY at home workout (no equipment needed) Corona Virus Solution

hey guys, I know some of you are starting to feel the effects of the Corona Virus and more and more people are losing their access to gyms. So I wanted to pump out some workout ideas you can do with no equipment needed to get a good sweat and hit some hiit training (pun intended). In this video I take you through a full body at home workout with no equipment needed. We will be doing some push ups, bodyweight squats, ab exercises, and get in some overall bodyweight conditioning. If you like these videos let me know in the comment section because I will keep pumping them out as well as some limited equipment options too (barbells & dumbbell workouts)

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43 thoughts on “20 minute FULL BODY at home workout (no equipment needed) Corona Virus Solution”

  1. I bought a resistance band set from homeprogym.com and they are the best! I have actually enjoyed using them and had some great gains. I used a broom stick (i know lol) with the band to do a bench press and it's exactly like a bench press at the gym. I like that I can travel with a whole set of them and exercise on the go when I am travelling.

  2. You know you are fat when you watch this video and think "alright, this workout looks a little strenuous, but I think I can handle it" and then you realize that it is just the warm-up…

  3. Due to all the coronavirus issues recently I had to look for a way of exercising without leaving the house. This thread has given me some very good ideas however my friend recently referred me to this website that has specialised “COVID Workout Solutions” that I have found extremely beneficial (no equipment needed)! As well as this once the restrictions are lifted and we can return to the gym then you will be able to apply similar/if not the same methodology there.

    If you are either looking for a home workout or are bored at home (aren’t we all?) then I highly recommend this workout plan! STAY HOME WORKOUT PLAN ( No Equipment Quarantine Solution)

    Please tell me how you find it!

  4. Hello

    I haven't done any single type of excercise in what seems to be a lifetime, and with the quarantine in my country I decided to start this routine. This is my first day and first attempt, but I had a little complication: my warm up lasted 2 ½ minutes, way shorter than the 6 you suggested. Then almost 5 minutes into the main routine, I felt like I couldn't lift any muscle, I was completely exhausted from the first 2 rotations of the 4 movements (30 sec each, 30 sec rest in between). Even now my phone feels heavy haha. I'm also sweating like a pig in the oven, and I'm only a few pounds/kilograms past my recommended weight (no overweight here). Also, I'm 36 about to turn 37.

    Any insights on my situation? Should I push myself to complete at least 20 min with as many reps as possible? Should I try again later? Tomorrow? Should I cut the moves from 4 to 2? Or rest longer? In my country the quarantine has gone for a month already and we're staying indoors for 15 more days so I have plenty of time to get in shape, but being tired with only 5 minutes of workout worried me a little, maybe I'm doing something wrong. I also checked body position for each move so I would stand or squat appropriately.

    The routine feels great but I wasn't expecting to drop dead so soon into the excercises and I really want this to work. Thanks!

  5. Hey thanks for this video. I started going to the gym two weeks ago and managed to make some progress before the pandemic hit. I lost my groov a bit, but this video is so helpful! My major goal this decade is to reach a healthy BMI for my height (5’7) as I weigh 260 and need to be at least 155 to be healthy.

    I really need this for myself since the gyms are now closed.

  6. I think I can do this 🤣 Thanks, definitely gonna do it everyday 😁

    P. S. I'm a heavy smoker and I want to quit.. So I want to start a light exercise before going to some intense exercise 😊😊

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