2 Weeks Out | Physique Update | Back And Shoulder Workout

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21 thoughts on “2 Weeks Out | Physique Update | Back And Shoulder Workout”

  1. Looking great lainey!! Just curious, throughout your prep at what stage have you been aesthetically happiest with your physique, not in terms of a bodybuilding stage perspective but just generally?… More in terms of a maintainable weight/bf%, if you were to stick at just one stage.

  2. You look so happy in this vlog. I understand your prep isn't easy but I'm glad your doing so well and being positive and doing the things you want to do. You still motivate me every day and help me to keep my head held high when I'm having a hard time.

  3. Had the crapest week so far. I've been training for 6 weeks (4-5 times a day) for an obstacle course race and upped my carbs solely for energy which resulted in a weight gain. Probably muscle gain but when you have to run for miles and hurdle your bodyweight through walls every pound counts. Now I'm in a frantic need to loose those few pounds since the race is in two weeks so I'm eating low carb again and so far I've only gained more weight. I'm watching my macros, eating quality calories, but I just keep putting on weight. I was just so depressed that after 6 weeks of rigorous training and careful dieting I'm not still not seeing progress. After seeing Lainey's videos I always put myself in beast mode and motivate myself to keep doing it. After all, I did learn how to climb a rope during those 6 weeks which I never could do and I'm this close to actually doing the first non assisted pull up ever.

  4. Hey Chicka! You are looking amazing!!! Check into an Instapot. It's basically a pressure cooker but better! I can cook sweet potatoes in 20 mins flat. Same with Spagetti Squash and those easily take me 1 1/2 hours in the oven. I even made 8 chicken breast that were frozen hard in 30mins. I'm obsessed with it lol.

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