13 Weeks Out Physique Update | Rest Day

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49 thoughts on “13 Weeks Out Physique Update | Rest Day”

  1. I know you said you have cellulite, I have it too, and I have been lifting like crazy to get it off , but I have been doing research and some doctors say that if you have to much estrogen it causes cellulite, once you get hormones balanced out cellulite goes away, just wanted to know what you think of this 💖💖💖💖

  2. "Pray to the fairies"… Lol. Does that even work if I do it – or does it work for the Irish only 😂 Love your Irish English by the way… The only reason why I religiously watch Facts and Try channel!

  3. Hi Ive been following you now for approx 3 months or so. I love your videos. You are very real and honest person which is what i love most about you. I also am dealing with some cellulite on my thighs and although we are in winter now here in Australia, the weather is slowly but surely warming (today 22 degrees celcius) so I am hoping to be rid of the cellulite by this summer which is about 4 1/2 months away. I am eagerly watching your progress and wish you nothing but the best for your upcoming competition. Love and best wishes from Brigitte xox

  4. I think I’m going to be having a cut in food too 😩 had a low weigh in last week but not lost since last Friday and in fact my weight has gone up slightly. Have until Friday for it to drop again – fingers crossed!! Keep going hun we can get there! X

  5. Lainey all I can say is thank you! I wanted to go to the gym for quite a while now but you inspired me to actually do it! 😁 I signed up yesterday and going for the first time today 😜

  6. You obviously get shredded doing what you do but I notice that a lot of times you eat a lot of snacky type foods, with 1 or 2 meals seem to be whole unprocessed foods. Even though you are hitting your macros Do you think that maybe this might be preventing you from really hitting your goals? Jw your thoughts I guess on food quality? Love you girly killing it as always!

  7. Lainey! Yay new vid! Hey when is that mocha muffin going on you're cooking channel? I'm a huge fan of your cooking channel and have tried most of the recipes already. I wish you were able to update it more often. I definitely eat up watching them as soon as they come out haha. By the way, I followed your last prep and your videos in general before that and I think that your hammies and glutes definitely look like they're coming in nicely right now. I did notice that you struggled with it last time but whatever you're doing now looks like its working. Yaay!

  8. Lainey Griffin – the Irish Princess !! 👸 … just a lucky 13 weeks until she dazzles up that stage once again. And wow did that strawberry / papaya mix catch my eye. 😋 I got something new to try out in a few a days for sure. 😄  Possibly that cheese / bacon combo too ….. and she knows this, and her other fans might be tired of me posting it, (but I will anyway, so there, ha 😂) …. which is Lainey +  💪   =  a sweet reward every time. 😊  And actually very impressive abs detail too at this stage of the game. 👍😏 … so two things: Is the blue / white top one of your newer clothing additions ?? …. and going back to when you first started training with great intensity, what area of your physique was the quickest to develop ?? Well, cheers on another solid update. 🍷😎

  9. Inspired 🙌🏻 today is my LB day you look amazing goals for sure!!!! Cheering for you and sending positive vibes seriously you look great you got this. Thank you for sharing your journey in such a truthful way Namaste 🙏🏻🙌🏻

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